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Fee Payment

You can now pay any fine over $1 online using your credit or debit card.

Here is how to get started:

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Library cardholders may renew their own materials online. All material may be renewed except for materials with reserves and materials on which you owe fines.

How to:

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Saving your searches as Preferred Searches

If you have a favorite author or subject for which you often search when using the catalog, you can save the search with the click of a button. This will prevent you from having to key in the search each time and let you place reserves on new materials quicker.

How to:

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Using the Book Bag to Save Records

Use the Book Bag feature to save items that you have found in the library catalog. You will be able to view them as a list, email the list to yourself, and/or download the list to your computer.

When you search the library catalog you will get a list of items to browse. To add an item to your book bag, click the check box on the left of the item. Then click on the "Add Marked to Bag" option at the top of the list. Once an item has been added to your book bag, options to "View Bag" or "Empty Bag" appear above the search bar.

You can also add items to your book bag from the item record screen. (When you select an item from the browse screen, you get the item record screen.) Add an item to your book bag from the item record by clicking on the "Add to Bag" option above the search field.

Select "View Bag" to view, save, and export your saved items.

The "Export Saved" option will allow you to do the following: